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My name is Scott Davidson. I am father, adventure athlete, creator of This is a True Story Podcast and Living Adaptive and writer focused on sharing how living a deliberately minimal life made my life better. I also happen to adapt to life with a physical disability. I share perspectives of thriving despite the adversities we face.

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This is a True Story Podcast began in 2021 and features true transformative stories and ideas. Transformative story episodes are presented by dreamers, adventurers, the notable, the ordinary and more. Idea episodes are brief episodes focused on intentional living, minimalism, self-improvement and other transformative ideas you can incorporate in your life today. This is a True Story rotates between airing either transformative story or idea episodes.

Living Adaptive began as podcast in 2016. Here you canĀ listen to stories from individuals that adapt to notable adversity and thrive. You can adapt no matter the challenge.